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14 Signs that You’re Deceased Loved Ones are Trying to Communicate with You

17469256After death, your deceased loved ones are usually very eager to let you know they are okay, and still a part of your life. Signs from spirit are usually personally significant, and really can come in a number of ways which may be easy to overlook. The key to noticing signs from your deceased loved ones is to pay attention.

Be on the lookout for meaningful occurrences and anything out of the ordinary, and be open to communication from beyond the physical. There are also some more commonly experienced signs from Heaven to be on the lookout for…

If you have experienced any of these, it’s highly likely you have indeed received a sign from Heaven.

Here are some signs that your deceased loved ones are trying to communicate with you:

1. You feel someone lie down next to you in bed, but no one is there.

2. You see repeated numbers or words.

3.  You see something in your peripheral vision, but when you turn to look at it, it’s gone.

4. You have a dream about a deceased love one. (Are we in their dimension or are they in ours, I wonder.)images

5. The same song keeps playing on the radio every time you turn it on.

6. You find a lone feather on the ground when you go for a walk.

7. You see the physical form of a person you know is no longer living.

8. They leave money for you. (I had a doctor friend who always left a dime for me.)

9. They send animals. (One of my aunts sends a cardinal when she’s around.)

10. They tap you. Have you ever been tapped on the head, shoulder or the back of your hand? Have you ever felt like hair is brushing across your forehead?

11. They misplace things in your home. Are you always “losing” your keys, only to find them in a random place?

jju112. They call you on the phone, and when you pick up all you hear is silence or light static.

13. They play with your electronic devices and electricity. Perhaps the lights in your home flicker. Does your phone or iPad mysteriously turn on or off for no reason?

14. You smell them or something that reminds you of them. Do you randomly smell cigarette smoke or perfume? Do you smell food that isn’t cooking nearby?

It’s time to pay attention to the loving energy around you. Your deceased loved ones want to support you and they want you to know they’re near. They also have messages to share. We have psychic mediums who got a lot of experience communicating with the deceased and we will be honored to connect you with a deceased loved one.

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