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Keeping Track of the Notch on the Bedpost?

Have you asked him how many he have slept with? Then you might simply regret why did you bother asking and just get disappointed right? You just found out that it’s not the same as yours. He is way more or less than the number of people you’ve been with. …

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Is Your Partner Having an Emotional Affair?

What is an Emotional Affair? Some people automatically think of sex when they hear the word INFIDELITY. Sex with someone else is one the main reason why relationship breaks up. It turns spouses from faithful to unfaithful and regular people into porn addicts. However, many relationship experts agree that there …

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Do You Find It Hard To Forgive Yourself?

Can’t sleep? Awake all night with those never-ending thoughts? Oftentimes, these thoughts are centered on the bad things that you did, or the self-blame you carry around? Do you find it impossible to figure out how to forgive yourself? Even though you really want to? Self-blame is something all of …

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