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How To Spot A Liar

   Humans are unique not because we have the capacity to think great and do well but in our ability to lie. Most animals have no concept of deliberate lying, as opposed to survival-related bluffing, camouflage or selfishness. We, however, lie often. Sometimes it’s little white lies, said in an …

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Live Your Life Without Stress

Almost all of us has a certain level of everyday stress which is inevitable in these modern times. The structure of our lives seems to make tension, and even anxiety, almost a foregone conclusion. For one thing, most of us are heavily over scheduled, our days filled with fights through traffic, …

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How To Handle An Unpredictable Woman

        I had so much fun interviewing men for my blog. One question is “What is something you both like and dislike about women?” and their answers are sometimes hilarious and funny as you know they’re telling the truth. My friend David really nailed it. He said that it’s …

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