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6 Things All Guys Want in Bed

You obviously shouldn’t let a man dictate how you behave in bed. But in case you were wondering, we’re pretty simple creatures in the sack, really. We don’t want you to do anything outrageous or weird — just a little cowgirl here and there. Some other things men enjoy during sex include the below.

“Communication about sex goes a long way to avoid any misconceptions about such an intimate moment.”

6 Things All Guys Want in Bed1. We want you to talk dirty.
It’s not like you need to narrate everything that’s happening, but you’d be surprised what a few well-placed dirty words can do to a guy. Not everyone is comfortable doing this, but there’s no need to venture too far out of your comfort zone. Words and phrases like “wet,” “feels so good,” and “harder” can still work wonders. Just don’t get too clinical: “I can confirm your penis is inside my vagina” isn’t going to do it for anyone.

2. We want you to take control sometimes.
There are few things hotter than a girl who knows what she wants, and there are a lot of different ways to communicate that to a guy. It doesn’t mean you have to bust out whips and leather restraints, and boss us around (but you could). It could be something as simple as pushing us down on the bed and pinning our arms down over our heads while you’re on top. Taking control of which position we’re moving to next can also be really hot. Just like talking dirty, this doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or filthy.

3. We want you to initiate new positions.
We really like it when you throw us a curveball. If there’s a new position you’ve found that you want to try, please go for it. It can be some hugely creative, elaborate sex circus that involves a Jacuzzi, whipped cream, and bananas, but introducing a modification to old standbys like doggy or missionary can also work. Don’t even worry about whether or not the position ends up “working” for the two of you. It’s a turn-on just knowing we’re doing something you want to try.

4. We want to be surprised.
I’ll admit, some guys can be intimidated if you start pulling out vibrators from underneath the mattress in the middle of sex. But throwing some new things in there to shake up your lovemaking is really never a bad idea. You can even make the sex itself a surprise: Jump your significant other in the hallway or on the stairs, and just turn it into a sex session. Moments like that, where you can’t control yourself and just have to have us, are always appreciated. Introducing some costumes, his-and-her lubricants, toys, and role-playing can also work. Just keep in mind that some of this stuff is outside of people’s comfort zones. Make sure you know what your guy likes before you bust out the latex nun outfit and rubber fist.

shutterstock_1442911425. We want to watch you.
Visual stimulation really gets guys going. Choosing positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl where we can really get a view of what’s happening is hugely arousing. Alternatively, any position can benefit from a well-placed mirror where we can get a full view of the action. If you’re feeling really courageous, let your man watch you while you touch yourself. If you really want to drive him crazy, don’t let him touch or kiss you during the session, so he gets really worked up. This also has the added benefit of showing him what turns you on because he can see how you get yourself off.

6. We want you to feed us pizza.
This one might just be me, but I have a feeling it isn’t.

Be His Best Lover

It doesn’t matter how good you think you are when it comes to pleasing your lover;there’s always room for improvement. While each man is different and has his own tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, there are several things most, if not all, men can agree on. Read on and consider these partner-pleasing tips!

Be Curious and Imaginative

Your sex life should never be boring. A certain routine may always work, but even that can get dull after a while. Men are curious by nature and they often have a broad sense of adventure. If they suggest trying something new, go for it (unless it makes you really uncomfortable). You won’t necessarily have to do it all the time (unless you want to). It could just be a fun, one-time- or once-in-a-while thing.

Take Charge

Take more initiative during sex. A lot of men like to be dominated in the bedroom. Giving up their power and control turns them on because they spend their entire day controlling things and being in charge. When a woman in confident and bold in the bedroom it makes a man feel sexy and wanted. It also helps him relax. 

Make Some Noise

Sex is the wrong time for a conversation, but it’s the right time to vocalize how he makes you feel. If you like what’s he’s doing, don’t be afraid to let him (and the neighbors) know. Positive feedback and compliments are encouraged. But don’t be afraid to tell him what isn’t working for you too.

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