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7 Most Common Signs from Your Deceased Loved Ones

images (10)Have you ever wanted to connect with a deceased loved one? Or maybe you’ve wondered if your family members, who are now in spirit, are with you and trying to get your attention?

If you do sense, or feel your loved ones may be reaching out and trying to get your attention, it is likely for a reason, as making contact in this way takes a great deal of energy and focus on their part.

Here are seven most common signs from your deceased loved ones:

Rainbow–This is a definite sign from your loved one that they are totally at peace. I see rainbows with people that died violently or died from unknown circumstances. If you see a rainbow, please be assured that this person wants you to know that they are doing well despite the circumstances. It also means that they are keeping some sort of promise like marriage vows or something of that nature alive.


images (7)Feather–Your loved one is reminding you of something. They are trying to remind you of a promise that they made when they were alive and that they are wanting to keep.

Dragonfly–Dragonflies remind us that we are again among the living and that we need to remain grounded. They differ from birds because they remind us of our playful side. They remind us to laugh and smile. If you see a dragonfly your way, your loved one is probably telling you to smile.

Birds–Birds come to get your attention. When you see a bird or the same bird all  of the time, this loved one is trying to grab your attention. If you’ve been distracted lately, then this person is trying to let you know that you need to focus more on your life or focus on your physical life. Sometimes when you are so involved in that person’s death that you are not involved with your own life. Birds show us to be connected to life and not death. They are a reminder that we need to remain grounded. We are still among the living and our dead loved ones are doing well. Birds are beautiful and they remind us to stay connected to the beauty that is still here on Earth.

images (8)Butterflies–Butterflies are beautiful and they remind us that we are taking life too seriously. Because of their many different shapes, sizes, and colors, they are a lot like birds when our loved ones sends these to us. Butterflies can be to remind us that there is a lighter side to life. They are a lot like dragonflies in this respect, they aren’t a lot different than dragonflies. It just depends on your loved ones and if they really like butterflies or dragonflies more! Sometimes it’s just down to personal choice. But it’s a definite message.

Music/Song Choice-– This is a big sign. Your loved one is trying to grab your attention in a big way. If a particular song or musician starts playing when you enter a room or a song that plays when you are around, know that your loved one is really trying to grab you and shake you. Something is going on in your life or they want to get a message across. As a medium, this is where I hear from people because they feel as if their loved one is trying to get their attention, but they don’t know what they want. Your loved one is trying to get your attention in the worst way.

You don’t need to pay a psychic to hear what they have to say though. I would tell you to ask your loved one to give you the message in a dream. Go to bed with a half glass of water by your bed and a pad and pen. If you don’t get a dream that night, give it a few nights. (time is not the same on their side) Write down everything you saw, what they said, or experienced. Write everything down. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Just write it down. Hopefully you will be able to understand what it is that they are trying to say to you.

images (9)Money/Change/Pennies–Men that pass tend to leave these items in strange places after they pass, particularly father/grandfather figures. It’s their way of saying that they are still providing for you and taking care of you from where they are. Women can and do leave this behind as well, but it’s been my experience that this is overwhelmingly a male trait. This is letting them know that they are still with you and experiencing life with you and that you’re never alone as long as they are there.

Our loved ones rush to comfort us when they pass. They want to show us that they are still there. They can hear our thoughts, our prayers, and feel our energies. Please know that just because you may not be able to always see them, they are around and they feel happy when you acknowledge them in this way. Please remember to speak of them in present tense and acknowledge them when they do leave these reminders behind. They still love and cherish you!

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