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Can You Have More Than One Soul Mates?

soulmate1A soul mate is any person who mirrors us in some way. That is why we are so drawn to these different people; they are separate entities, but something about them reminds us of ourselves.

Our soul mates have a different part of us instilled in them. We should not search for our “other half” because that sounds way too close to human cloning. But our other tenth? Twentieth? Hundredth? Those are much more settling ratios of how our souls are distributed among others.

These various soul mates provide us with different purposes, outlooks and emotions. However, each and every soul mate has similar attributes that makes him or her worthy of such a special role in our lives.

There are many reasons why you can have two soulmates. Here are a few:

1. images (33)Two people want to be involved with you at the same time.

2. You’re with someone new and your ex pops back into your life.

3. You are attracted to someone else and they’re attracted to you too while you’re in a relationship.

4. You were connected in a past life.

5. Your relationship is platonic, yet your partner doesn’t want to break up with you.

soulmates-2-171907_LIf you’re in love with two people at the same time, a psychic can help you discover the outcomes if you pursue each of those relationships. You might be attracted to both of them, but only one of them could be your soulmate. And getting a psychic reading on these types of triangular situations can turn on a special light that almost magically sparks new thoughts, questions, feelings and ideas about your romantic relationships. A psychic can also tap into the thoughts and feeling of the two people you’re attracted to. Knowing what they think will have a major impact on the choices you make.

These feelings aren’t something you want to share with everyone. Because of jealousy, old-fashioned ideas or misconceptions, you’ll want to keep this private. A psychic reading is always private and confidential, so you you can speak your truth and get an unbiased opinion. There are so many times when a caller wished they had called me earlier. So no matter where you are in a triangular relationship, know that I am here to help you figure things out and guide you towards the right love choices and ultimately, your soulmate.

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