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Choosing the Best Pet Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find Out Which Pet Suits Your Stars

If you’re considering getting a pet or expanding your animal family, Downloads12learn what your Sun sign suggests is the best choice for you! Let the stars guide you in choosing the best pets for you. After all, compatibility shouldn’t just be restricted to your romantic partner. Discover what little critter is your most complimentary companion.

Here’s your guide to pets by sign.


There’s no limit to your energy, Aries, and your ideal pet feels the same way. A medium-sized, energetic dog will be happy to hike or go for a run with you to help you get out all your aggression.


Border Collies, Weimaraners and other loyal, side-by-side dogs will satisfy your need for faithful companionship with a smile. You may also get a kick out of a talking bird, particularly if you have a work area where they’d be comfy.

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Siamese cats are meant for you, Gemini. They’re quick thinkers and if Walt Disney had any insight, up to mischief! Just be sure to get two so you don’t have to entertain endlessly!


A Golden Retriever or Labrador would be happy in a Cancerian home. They’ll guard your family and give you plenty of love!


Long-haired, larger cats will speak to your inner feline. Too much trouble? A small- to medium-sized dog (say a Cocker Spaniel) will add light to your life and amuse you, especially if you teach them a few tricks.


A loyal but low-maintenance dog who stands by your side will provide just enough companionship to quell your needs. Likewise, fish don’t require much care, but enjoy a good chat all the same!


Beauty is the order of the day with Libra, so take into account the look of your pet, as well as their tendency to disrupt the order of a household. You want smooth sailing. A sleek breed of cat or a sweet Cocker Spaniel may do the trick.


Smart, regal cats or grand, dramatic dogs are equally pleasing to you. You need a pet that makes a statement of intelligence. Try a Siamese Cat or Great Dane.


If any sign needs a friendly dog to tag along with them, it’s you, Sag. Whether a retriever or a Bulldog, it doesn’t matter. Mutts make you happy. It’s all about the disposition.


Independent pets who thrive on their own are the best sort for you, goat. For that reason, dogs are probably out of the question. A Persian Cat might do the trick.


Reptiles, rodents and other unusual pets float your boat, Aquarius. Just be sure you have someone on hand to care for them in your absence.


You love all pets, but in particular those who return the sentiment. A Ragdoll or other loving feline would suit you, as would any fish, for obvious reasons.

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