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Did You Make the Right Decision?

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Everyday we make decisions where it can be either small or big decisions whether it is about starting a new career, getting married, breakups, family life, or financial issues. Have you ever asked yourself if you made the right decision? Are you afraid you made the wrong decision in regards to career, a relationship or a major life event? If you are not confident on the recent decision you’ve made, here are 5 ways to know if it is the right one for you:

Trust Your Gut Instinct

If you made your decision without hesitating, chances are you went with your gut instinct. Usually when our instincts tell us something, they are correct. If you made a decision with absolute ease and without question then you probably made the best decision for yourself. We would all benefit from listening to our instincts more when it comes to important life decisions and making necessary, life-altering changes.


images (2)You Feel Confident

If you made a big decision and still feel confident after the fact, you have done the right thing. But what if you start to question your choice? Confidence isn’t always 100%. You could feel more confident one day and less confident on another day. That’s normal. But if you are continuously questioning your decision, it could be that it was the wrong one to make. Give it some time and see if your feelings change.


Positive Events Begin to Unfold

If you made a decision and then positive experiences begin to present themselves, you have made the right choice. When we close one door we allow ourselves to be presented with new experiences and a new journey. If positivity enters your life after you made a big decision you made the right choice for your individual life journey.

Your Friends and Family Agree

If your immediate support circle is in agreement with you regarding a recent, important decision, you most likely made the right decision. If your closest friends and your immediate family continue to support you after you have made an important decision, this is a good sign you did the right thing. There is nothing more secure than the support of your loved ones when you have to make huge decisions that will affect the rest of your life.



124-300x336You Feel Inner Peace

If you are calm and at peace after making a life-changing decision, you did the right thing. Usually when people experience anxiety, inner turmoil and worry after deciding on something that greatly affects their life path, chances are they did not make the right choice. People who are confident in their decision-making tactics are usually at peace after the fact and are already moving towards new experiences.

Everyone has to make decisions throughout their lifetime and sometimes we don’t make the right one. This is a fact of life, but usually there is a lesson to be learned through everything we experience and if you look at each experience in a positive light you will find it easier to make future decisions without anxiety and doubt.

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