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How To Find Your Destiny?

destinyHave you ever felt “pulled” towards a person? Like it is pulling you towards the direction you were meant to go in your life – your destiny.

One of the biggest misconceptions is this obscure belief in “destiny.” This is the phantom that somehow, someway, somewhere, if they are meant to be with so and so, it will magically work out and they will live happily ever after! Nothing could be further from the truth.

The most humorous justification for inaction I hear is: “I’m putting it in God’s hands.” Really? This is why God gave you a brain, a body and free will? For you to throw it back in his face?

Embracing what people commonly call destiny takes courage, fortitude and consistent applied effort! I don’t call it “destiny” since very few human beings have a destiny per se. What we have is optimums. Optimum paths through time and space that normally consist of our optimum vocation, location and mate.

Actualizing these optimums in our lives takes a careful balance between active pursuit and passive observation. In this endeavor, we cannot relay completely on the intellect, since the intellect cannot possibility take into account all the variables leading to the goal. This is where intuition comes in. 1_original

Only intuition can bring the path into clear view, letting us know when, where and with whom to apply our efforts or to remain sedate.

For someone who can catch the vision of this philosophy, he normally goes on to achieve his goal: usually the relationship he wants. Often he manifest their business goals.

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