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When Your Psychic Energy Is Running Low

Just like everything about our human bodies, our physical energy and spiritual energy – our psychic energy can alsopsychic energy fluctuate and sometimes can get quite low and be depleted.  Our bodies, minds and souls get tired from the day on and day out intricacies of life.  This is normal, it happens – just don’t let it run too low that it would be hard to fill it back up again.  How can we tell when our psychic energy is dwindling?  

Psychic energy flows in and around us at all times. It is the energy that follows where your attention and intention goes. Psychic energy is what manifests your experiences in this world.   Low Psychic Energy is when, if you think or pray about something and it takes a very long time (if ever) to manifest then that is a good indication that your psychic energy is low. Psychic energy can be used for many different things including:  manifesting your thoughts into reality, healing on yourself or on others, and attracting positive energy around you.  When your psychic energy is low nothing runs smoothly and you will likely find that you will feel drained and possibly frustrated with your day to day experiences.

On the other hand, keeping your energy strong has many benefits. It will allow you to manifest situations and scenarios into your life as well as be used to benefit you and others in many different ways. Psychic energy can be easily drained but the good news is that it is also easy to re-fuel.  Of course, the stronger your energy is, the faster your prayers and intentions will come to fruition and the smoother your life will run. There is no question that having strong psychic energy is very advantageous and will allow you to enjoy a better life.

nature trees sunlightThe first thing to remember about increasing your psychic energy is that it is literally everywhere around you. It can be found in the trees, the flowers, the streams, the forests, the animals as well as in the people in your environment. All of these things are going to help you increase your own energy field.  Each of the steps below will help you to strengthen your psychic energy. You do not need to do all of these steps in order to increase your energy field as any of them will be of great benefit.

  • Go to nature.  Nature doesn’t necessarily have to be a mountain or an ocean, it can simply be sitting amongst some flowers in a garden or listening to the sounds of a stream. Whatever nature you are attracted to most spend some time with it, tune in and listen. The simple peacefulness of it is enough to relax you and free up any blocked energy – which we all have. You may feel the tension within your body lessening and this will allow your psychic energy to flow freely and strengthen.
  • Use your imagination.  You can easily use your imagination to pull up memories or even stories you have heard or movies you have seen in order to connect with energy that way as well. For example you may have had a strong connection with a loved one that has passed on. When you remember the energy you felt around them, your own energy field will increase. Sometimes books and movies can do this for us as well. Think about experiences that lifted you up and made you feel stronger. The memories alone are enough to re-fuel you and can be very powerful.good vibes woman yoga pose
  • Be amongst a group with good vibes.  A group of people can have a very powerful influence on your psychic energy. The trick is to be around a positive group that uplifts you as opposed to a negative group that drains your energy. You will know right away if the group is good for you or not. The sheer intensity of a positive group of people can greatly increase your energy field. You will know it has worked if you leave the group feeling rejuvenated and full of energy yourself.
  • Explore your city.  There are many hot spots within a city that will increase your energy field. Some known high energy field areas include:  any gathering spot with lots of people, especially when they are there for a common purpose,  the top of a city building, and any gathering spot where learning or healing is done.
  • Spend time with a pet or an animal.  If you have a favourite pet then this step is easy. Simply being around animals will increase your psychic energy especially if you are tuned in enough to connect with them. Animals work 24 hours a day with psychic energy and they have the power to truly boost your own.smiling woman

These are easy to do by yourself methods to help recharge your psychic energy.  Of course before you start, you need to make a conscious decision to let go, even temporarily, of the things that are weighing you down.  Focus on recharging and you can be assured that when your psychic energy is recharged, whatever problems you had that drained you can easily be tackled.  

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