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What Really Happens To Your Soul After A Sudden Death


When someone dies suddenly, there is often a great deal chaos and grief surrounding the circumstances. It’s very sudden that you dont know what to do. Not knowing who to ask, where to go for information, or what to turn to for answers why, a single person’s death can create even more distress, causing a ripple effect, leaving many in the wake confused, in a haze, and unsure of what to do next. Not to mention the confusion the deceased themselves may feel. 

This experience of death only yet intensifies when the person in question is a young, vibrant human, who has passed before their time. Or at least, before the time we and others had expected them to pass.

From a karmic perspective, an early death could be a blessing in disguise:

Sometimes an early death could be a blessing; a person may simply have worked out as much of their karma as they are able to do in their current lifetime, and that’s as far as they’re going to go. One way of looking at karma is that an accident is a relatively quick way to move on.

From the deceased person’s perspective, an early death can be exhilarating, confusing and intense. Some find it fascinating and amazing. Some feel regret. Each person is unique, the deceased can feel many feelings about this transition, for example:

When you die, your spirit all of a sudden is no longer confined to a human body. You become the whizzing, vibrating ball of energy that you always were – except now your energy is no longer contained by a physical body. What happens after death is that your thoughts and intentions take you to places and people in a flash, in a way that you never could when you were physical.

This shift in perspective can cause a sense of confusion, sometimes it’s a sense of shock, especially when the death was sudden, traumatic or unexpected. 

From a spiritual perspective, an early death often acts as a catalyst to awaken spiritual gifts in others still living.

This is a little-known fact among the public at large, but it is a widely fact known among medium community – that the gift to sense the departed often awakens quite quickly after someone close to that person, their family, or that friend group, dies.

Of the many reasons why for someone’s particular sudden death, this is often one of the main reasons.

When someone passes away too soon, think about it: you will often hear that that person was the light of the community. The shining star to all whose lives they touched. A true beacon of hope and inspiration.

If this person awakened that light in others in their living life, now think of how powerful this work can become in death.

Some souls choose to sacrifice their own lives so that others may grow as part of their agreement on their own soul chart. Often this soul choice occurs unconsciously, even to the soul who has chosen this path for themselves.

There are other ways this can happen, too. For example, someone may agree to live this life as a villain. Helping to initiate darkness in others, so that it may later bring out their inner light. In doing this, this person sacrifices their own ability to experience, give, and receive love during their lifetime. A conscious or unconscious choice they may make, which is intended to open the ability for others to experience pure and unconditional love instead.

But regardless of the reason for the passing – lost

if you are currently experiencing the immediate loss of a loved one, here’s what you need to know:

Expect visitations to be standard practice and of the many, often starting within the 7-10 day period following the crossing, commencing within hours at and around their time of death, lasting right up until a last rites official ceremony, if there is one. If there isn’t one or you can’t attend the main event being hosted elsewhere, you can also host your own rites ceremony (please see the steps on how, in the article, Ritual: A Necessary Marker for Death).

Anyway, after this time, visitations take a short break while the person in question acclimates to being a spirit now, and goes to a sort of spirit school life review which generally lasts 3-8 months. After which, they’ll be back. But this all depends on them – their life path, successfully crossing over, other factors.

So if you are concerned about the person successfully crossing over, make sure to check in with friends, family members, and colleagues of that person to see if everything is okay or to see if they have experienced a visitation.

Visitations are positive signs that show that upward and forward trajectory movement to the other world is actively and positively happening, not the reverse.

However, if someone is being visited by the deceased, many won’t mention it unless asked, and most experience it in a very isolated and alone way. So, if you want to know, and you haven’t noticed anything yet, make sure to ask around to see if someone else has.

You may want to check with known sensitives in your immediate community first and then move on to others who may be quite sensitive, too, but don’t yet know it or have yet to realize it.

This known sensitive person could be a personal or distant acquaintance of yours, or this person could be you. Briefly check with them to see if they’ve seen your loved one around, have heard from the person, or if have any messages or insights to relay. They usually do.

Why? Because a deceased individual, especially in the case of sudden death, will often seek counsel in a medium, psychic, or intuitive they know personally, even if only momentarily, before officially crossing over.

Intuitive people usually won’t mind you asking about this, especially if it is someone they know personally, too. And asking them, could be as simple as this:

“Hey So and So, as you know, Sara from college has just passed away tragically and unexpectedly. I know you two were friends and I just wanted to check. Have you seen her around at all? Has she been over at your place by chance?”  

The worst they can say is no, right? And plus, if they say yes, the best that can happen is a little piece of mind.

Then, let other people around you know you are looking for signs. If you knew the person closely yourself, you, yourself may even be in a bit of a haze. So to make sure you aren’t missing anything, make sure to let your housemates know to keep their eyes and ears perked too – the deceased often communicate tangentially with others around you, if they believe that’ll be more efficient in getting your attention during the haze time of grief.

Furthermore, people are much more compassionate than you’d expect in times of loss, and they will keep you apprised of anything unusual occurring over the next few days or so. Believe it or not.

Know that their spirit self may stop by your house unexpectedly. This is not at all unusual. The person whose in spirit now may have questions about the afterlife process (so help if you can) or call someone who you think can help. If not, just comfort them and have comfort in them being present. That’s usually all that’s needed, a final hug, a goodbye, and an I love you.

If you are a parent, spouse or otherwise very close to the person that was lost, you may be too caught up in the chaos yourself to sense anything for certain, and that’s okay – visitations will continue long after the grief and the chaos have subsided – so in the meantime, don’t be afraid to reach out to one of your person’s friends.visitation

Friends of the deceased usually receive visitation confirmations within hours or days after the crossing. Who they visit and when usually has nothing to do with love or care or who is more important than whom, it really has more to do with time and using it wisely – meaning they’ll likely contact the first persons who they think they’ll have the best chance getting through to in this chaotic time. Unfortunately, this means it is often not the most grief-stricken person themselves that gets contacted first; it is often an associate of that person that is visited, who can later share that information with the most heavily impacted person, at a later and more appropriate date.

If you are looking for animal signs, the key for animal signs is to pay attention to what is out of the ordinary for you. The deceased can communicate with animals much like the living can. In fact, animals, birds, and many insects can see far more along the visible light spectrum than we humans can, so they can be excellent indicators of a presence that we could otherwise not see.

So, if something very unusual has occurred after the death of your person, chances are, it is a true visitation. If it’s just a random tapping or a bird you typically see around that shows up, well, it’s probably just something animals just do. So keep looking.

Most importantly, though, don’t rule anything out. Even if other people think you’re being a drama queen, they’ll thank you later. Your awareness to the signs will help them become more aware for the next time they get a visitation themselves, a visitation they may have otherwise missed, if not for your persistence. So pay attention to any and all extra suspicious activity after the immediate death of a loved one, as it all could be a potential sign or a message from your person.

what do they want from you? grave-flowers

Usually, the message they are trying to get through, especially in the first days after their crossing, is a simple message of awareness, such as: Hey, I’m still around! 

Or it could be a sharing of a reflection, a disbelief, or an emotional release about their death, such as: Wow, isn’t this crazy? I’m a spirit now AND you can see me! This is great! Wow. Nuts. I can’t believe it. Wild. Okay, gotta go! 

Either way . . .

experiencing a visitation in the early days after a crossing is a beautiful sign.

It means that this person is actively going through the stages of crossing and on their way making the rounds to see everyone before they officially depart for the spirit world. No worries for becoming an earthbound here!

And soon after they settle into their new life in the spirit world, their ability to communicate in the new way that spirits use will improve. Meaning, you’ll be hearing from them again real soon and likely throughout your life after that.

Many of our early deceased bright lights eventually transition on to become spiritual guides to the living in their afterlife, before moving onto their next incarnation with everyone together.

So to recap:

  • Visitations are quite common during the 7-10 days immediately following a death. Then they break until after they’re done completing their life review, at which point, they’ll often be back.
  • To know if a visitation has occurred, keep in mind: you are looking for voices, sensations, mists, the movement of odd objects, unusual noises in the home, specifically poignant dreams. Learn the 10 Most Common Signs here.
  • If you haven’t experienced one yet, don’t worry. Ask around to see if others have. Then give yourself some time to cool down and rest. One will come when it’s time and because you’ve spent some time gathering what others have already experienced in the meantime, you’ll be more prepared to pick it up when it finally does happen.
  • If you have experienced one, you are not likely to be the only one who has. Don’t be afraid to talk about your experiences, compare them openly with others, and initiate conversation about it. Quite frankly, it’s really not all that out of the ordinary.

We only think that it is because many people are quiet about what they see and hearbecause they fear stepping on other people’s toes, speaking out of place, or seeming odd. When the truth is, most people experience a visitation after the sudden loss of a loved one – and sometimes – at many miles away.

The visit of your most recently lost may be short and sweet, and while many of the experiences you’ll notice after someone’s death can be fleeting, more often than not, the ability to sense the other world that comes following a death – does and will stick around.

Then it’s up to you what you do with it after that.

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