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Can You Have More Than One Soul Mates?

A soul mate is any person who mirrors us in some way. That is why we are so drawn to these different people; they are separate entities, but something about them reminds us of ourselves. Our soul mates have a different part of us instilled in them. We should not …

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How To Use Ultimatums in a Relationship

Do you hate your partner’s behavior? Differences in relationships can crop up all the time. After all, we weren’t all created in pairs that perfectly mesh with each other. But what do you do about it? And how do you sort those annoying differences? In most relationships, couples learn to understand each other’s likes …

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Are Your Overanalyzing a Man’s Mind?

If someone created a dictionary to decode male language, I guarantee it would be a bestseller. It’s kind of funny to think about how many times a friend has asked me “What does his text mean?” “What is he thinking?” or “Why is he taking so long to call me …

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How to Get Away From Your Annoying Ex

Sometimes you will leave a relationship because it didn’t quite work out for you anymore, but your partner might not necessarily feel that way and linger on hoping you’ll get back together, even if you’re with someone else already. Dealing with a clingy ex is a sensitive situation because you …

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