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Is There A 13th Sign In The Zodiac?

You maybe born a Gemini but have more in common with Taurus bull than a quick to change chatterbox. Or maybe, you’re supposed to be a serious-minded Capricorn but you have an adventurous side to rival the most typically Sagittarius Sagittarians. Not everyone identifies entirely with their Sun sign – …

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The Perfect Gift For Your Partner

        We’re living in a fast pace these days and it’s easy to get disconnected – from yourself and your lover. Think about it… When many of us live our lives sitting at computer screens and a text message can suffice for what used to require the …

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Let Go Of The Love That Is Not Meant For You

          A lot of you can turn up in love with someone who is not available or doesn’t want to be with you. You dream of them, you think about them constantly, and you couldn’t care less about dating anyone else. You are told time and again …

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Heal Your Inner Self First

            Most of us seeks a reading to know about our soulmate, yet very few of us are willing to prepare for that person’s arrival. We just allow ourselves to engage in relationships of all sorts, but what we don’t always do is take the …

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