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5 Influential Life Lessons We Can Learn From Animals

animalsMost of us think that only people can teach animals, but you are definitely wrong! We are often taught in life to avoid being like animals. For instance, the saying, “You’re behaving like an animal,” is used as a put-down more than anything else. But those of us who love animals know that they are, in many ways, far wiser than we are. Indeed through yoga poses such as cat pose and down dog we can learn to truly exist in the moment, both physically and mentally.

Here are a 5 Influential Life Lessons that we can learn from animals:

1. Pack Mentality

When it comes to relationships, your dog’s wild ancestor, the wolf, is an excellent teacher. Not only do these magical and powerfully spiritual beings mate for life, they also protect their pack at all costs. They do not abandon their pack when situations get difficult. They also guard the young and understand their individual placement within the pack and they do not try to alter that placement.

Animal Life Lesson: When things get tough, we panic and consider fleeing (or actually flee) an uncomfortable situation. Instead, we should rise to the challenge and work through it. When it comes to family or love, we should be protective and loyal. When it comes to relationships, we should put our best effort into making it work. We all play an important role in the “pack.”

2.Devotion and Dedicationmaxresdefault

The proven bond that many animals have with one another and, in many cases, with humans, has baffled and inspired many animal behaviorists for decades. The devotion and dedication offered by many animals is of such magnitude that we stand in amazement when it is witnessed. Have you ever seen a dog guard and care for an injured friend? Have you read about a dog mourning at the grave of its human?

Animal Life Lesson: Dedication to friends and family is paramount. We need to support each other through good and bad times. 

3. Four-Legged Life Lessons

There are many moments when human lives and the lives and perceptions of animals intersect. You may think your four-legged companion is great to play with and take for walks. You may appreciate their company and their ability to make you smile. But animals can do so much more for us if we let them! All you have to do is observe their behavior, and you will gain valuable insights into your own life. Yes, animals are teachers of life lessons. I wrote this article to draw your attention to some of the many life lessons your four-legged friends want you to learn.

4. Animals See Differently

cat seeingHave you ever caught your dog or cat just staring off into space? You may be wondering what they’re looking at, even if you can’t see anything. But just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. As humans, we have a limited visual spectrum. But animals see in different light spectrums and that means they can and do see things we don’t. You already know your dog or cat hears sounds you can’t hear, but the same is true for what they can see. Perhaps your pet is seeing into the spirit world or into other dimensions….

Animal Life Lesson: Human perception is limited. Just because we can’t see or comprehend something, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

5. Observe, Listen and Honor

We could learn so much from animals if we would only have the courage to observe, listen and honor the powerful insights with which they have operated for tens of thousands of years. They are our elders and our companions and they can teach us so very much. Psychically, emotionally and physically, animals await to be our teachers, friends and guides. I hope this article makes you look at your four-legged companions differently. I truly believe that pets are more than just fun, comforting companions, and I hope that you agree!

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