Monday , May 28 2018
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Live Your Best Life

Living up to our full potential isn’t as easy as we’d like to imagine it is. We envision great things for our lives- travel, passion, experiences, and yet we settle for careers, families, and an often-mundane existence. Rather than take risks, we avoid them in favor of safety and security. …

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Fear of Starting Again

Humans are resistant to change. We like to feel comfortable, and we associate safety with being comfortable. However, our lives don’t change for the better unless we assume some risk. We need to be confronted with difficult situations in order to learn and grow. We can sit in our comfortable …

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Working Toward Self-Improvement

Self-improvement can be an intimidating idea. We want to make ourselves better, but often this change remains slightly outside of our grasp. We’re not sure what we need to do first in order to be better- in fact, the idea of being better is confusing and vague. If you are …

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A Psychic’s Guide to Choosing the Right Career

 Sometimes a job is just a job- it doesn’t make us happy, and it doesn’t make us hate ourselves, either. We might have gone to school for a specific skill, only to find upon graduating that no one was hiring. All too many of us quickly realize that what we …

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