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Destiny & Life Path Psychic Readings

What’s a Life Path Psychic Readings?

Destiny & Life Path Readings

Imagine that you’ve been given a map that lays out all the roads you could take in your life, and just how to masterfully navigate them according to your own individual, specific potential. How many stumbling blocks would you likely be able to conquer, or avoid completely, if you knew …

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Learning From Your Blood Type

  There is much we can learn from our bodies. Science has discovered so much about why we are the way we are, and yet many mysteries still lie within our bodies and brains. One interesting aspects of our bodies is our blood type. Blood keeps us alive, and our …

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Predicting Life Changes

Change is the only constant in life. Change can be welcome, or it can take us by surprise. Some changes are good, and others take a turn for the negative. However, it’s our reaction to change that makes all the difference. On occasion you might find yourself sensing change on …

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Dealing with Indecision

We often second guess ourselves. We spend so much time stressing over a big decision, that by the time we’re done considering all the pros and cons we’re exhausted. Having confidence in our choices is something we have lost over the years, as the decisions have gotten bigger and we’ve …

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Finding Your Destiny

Destiny is a fickle thing. Destiny seems like something we wait for, something that we want to change our lives without having to work for it. We use destiny as an excuse and an explanation, a lament and a story. We’ve all felt pulled towards certain people without really being …

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Timing A Relationship: Finding Your Life Partner

Timing is everything in a relationship. We often meet someone with whom we share a deep connection, and yet we are unable to be in a relationship with them for a variety of reasons. They might live in a different country, be in another relationship, or you might be in …

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Are You Living in Denial?

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. No matter how hard we try, denial can be an incredibly powerful influence on our lives and on the lives of the people around us. We often recognize denial clearly in others, but can have a hard time seeing it in ourselves. Denial …

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Learning to Deal with Difficult People

We are all surrounded by difficult people- in fact, sometimes we’re pretty difficult to deal with ourselves! Difficult isn’t always bad; our friends, family members, or bosses might be the kind of people who expect us to be our best selves and put our best foot forward whenever we can. …

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