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Building Confidence for Kids, One Day at a Time

Childhood is an incredibly important time in all of our lives. Although we may not always realize it, our childhoods can affect so much of our adult lives. When we’re growing up, we learn so much from the behavior of the people around us. We gain life lessons and confidence …

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The Power of Fire

Fire is one of mankind’s greatest discoveries. The existence of fire has kept us alive for thousands of years and allowed us to cook our food, keep warm, and provide light in the darkness. Without fire, where would the human race be? We have a lot to learn from the …

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Five Steps For Managing Anxiety

Anxiety plagues us all in one way or another. Some of us get nervous in social situations, at work, or even when we are at home dealing with personal pressure from our family and friends. Anxiety takes on many forms, but it can manifest as exhaustion, worry, stress, and other …

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Discovering Passion in Your Life

Life is full of discoveries. Whether you are taking a new class or have met a new friend, started a new job or moved to a new city, we have the chance to be constantly learning and growing. All too often we grow comfortable and stagnant, telling ourselves that we …

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Live Your Dream Life

Throughout our lives we are faced with choices. If we go one way, our life takes an entirely different direction than our current path. We might look back on our lives and see where things could have gone differently; we might regret not making certain choices, but we will rejoice …

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