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The Trouble with Frenemies

Sometimes, friendships can become toxic. People you’ve known for years can suddenly become clingy and jealous of your other friends. It’s the kind of friendship you’d have at school, only you are both fully grown adults and capable of being more responsible. Frenemies can behave as if they think they …

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6 Seaborne Spirit Animals

The ocean is a source of great majesty, and gazing into its depths can inspire a person with solace. As you paddle at the seafront, you are often overwhelmed with peace as the waves lap at your feet, and in many cases, this is caused by the presence of spirit …

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Psychic Pendulum Dowsing Readings

Pendulum Psychic Readings

During a pendulum dowsing reading, a psychic uses a pendulum  to receive divine knowledge and guidance from the spiritual realm. Pendulum dowsing psychic readings can be extremely accurate. They offer quick answers that will help you make the best decisions about whatever it is you’re struggling to deal with. Both …

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What Are I Ching Psychics?

I-Ching Psychic Readings

The I Ching, pronounced “ee ching”, is also known as the Book of Changes, which is an ancient Chinese text. I Ching is thought to date back as far as 3000 to 2000 BCE, which likely makes it the oldest method in the world of divination and guidance from the …

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Runes and Psychic Readings

Runes Psychic Readings

The word “rune” means “something written or inscribed.” Widespread use of these ancient images and figures as divination tools did not occur until around the 1980s. Until then, it was reserved for only the most esoteric of psychics and mystics. The symbols on rune stones come from a language so …

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What Are Psychic Oracle Cards Readings?

Psychic Oracle Cards

Oracle cards (sometimes referred to as angel cards) are tools that psychics use to receive answers and divine guidance from the spiritual realm. Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards in that each card can represent an emotion, a message, or a missing piece of information related to your personal …

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What Are Gemstones and Crystals Psychic Readings?

Crystals Psychic Readings

Gemstones and crystals psychics have a natural affinity of the properties that the elements possess. They also understand how to use the elements for their optimal purposes. During gemstones and crystals readings, those psychics know best how to use the innate properties of the elements. Since many gemstones and crystals …

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Psychic Numerology Readings

Numerology Psychic Readings

Numerology is rooted in the most universal language of all: numbers. It’s based on the understanding that every number represents an elementary truth about the cosmos, and each number plays a role in governing the progression of our lives. Discerning the vibrational energy of the numbers that are unique to …

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What Are Tool Free Psychics?

No Tools Psychic Readings

What Are Tool Free Psychics? During tools-free psychic readings, psychics don’t use physical or spiritual devices or equipment to receive information. Instead, they rely solely on the intuitive information they receive from spirit guides through various psychic giftings, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Psychics may be gifted with multiple …

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All About Automatic Writing Psychic Readings

Automatic Writing Psychic Readings

Automatic or “channeled” writing is a specialized method psychics use to receive messages from spirit guides. Anyone can practice automatic writing, whether they’re a practicing psychic or not. In automatic writing, the psychic allows the unconscious mind to receive intuitive guidance without the noise and interference from their conscious mind …

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