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Psychic Readings

What Are Channeling Psychics?

Channeled Psychic Readings

Often, “channeling psychic” and “psychic medium” are terms that are used interchangeably. However, there’s a crucial difference between them. Mediums act as liaisons, connecting incarnate beings with spiritual beings through their psychic perceptions of feeling, seeing and hearing. Mediums relay information between the realms,  communicating and interpreting messages from spirit …

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How Do Remote Viewing Psychics Help People?

Remote Viewing Psychics

Remote viewing can best be defined as listening with one’s mind. Psychics with this ability can receive intuitive mental information and impressions about  targets such as objects, people, or places. The information and impressions transcend space, time, shielding, and distance. Remote viewing psychics can use those abilities to find lost …

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Can Psychics Really Help Find Missing Items?

Lost Objects Psychics

Psychics may not seem like the most logical person to consult when an item gets lost. But questions about missing objects frequently come up in psychic readings, and psychics often prove to be helpful when recovering the things that people want to find. Often, people’s subconscious minds actually know just …

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Past Lives Readings with PsychicOz

Past Lives Readings

What is a past life? Everyone has had the experience of meeting somebody for the first time, but still feeling a sense of immediate familiarity, an instant recognition as if we somehow already knew this person very well. When we experience this, it’s likely that we’re connected to them  far …

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About Psychic Cartomancy Readings

Cartomancy Readings

In cartomancy readings, psychics use a deck of cards to discern information and discover insights regarding your past, your present or your future, or to answer your specific questions. If your questions primarily relate to romantic issues, a cartomancy reading can be especially insightful. Usually, a common deck of 52 …

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Online Chat Psychic Readings

As one of the oldest online psychic services in operation, PsychicOz Psychics fully stand fully behind the quality which sets us apart. The service is fully committed to high quality standards that set them apart from all of the other services. Their thorough screening and quality control processes guarantee that …

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PsychicOz Phone Psychics

You may be as close as just one telephone call to having your most important questions answered. PsychicOz Psychics was among the first telephone psychic services, and is still operating. The service is fully committed to high quality standards that set them apart from all of the other services. Their …

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Remembering Your Past Lives

     Do you believe in past life regression? If so, you know that life is full of mysteries. Energy is constantly created but never destroyed; it changes and evolves and has done so since the beginning of the universe. If you want to learn more about your past lives, …

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Finding Healing Inside and Out

May of us look for solutions to our external problems- how to be prettier, how to get stronger, or how to attract a partner. We tend to forget to take care of our inner selves like we do our outer selves- with care, compassion, and patience. When we experience something …

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Let It Go: Life as a Perfectionist

Whether you are a perfectionist or are having to live or work with one, this particular personality type can be exhausting at times. When you expect perfection of yourself and those around you, you often set yourself up for failure and disappointment. However, you will also find yourself being really …

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