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Stakes are high, and there is a greater potential for loss if you do decide to take the plunge with a BFF—you just might lose the Best and the Friend, forever.bf2

Energetic Matching

This may sound like a complex topic, but in reality, it just means that the people we are attracted to as friends are often energetically like us. The trouble with dating friends is that over time, because of the energetic similarities, we end up matching them vibrationally. This creates kind of a neutral charge for the relationship and typically kills passion and growth. People literally just become too much alike.

Sometimes the couple will marry and have children, only to find three or four years later that they’re in an easy but not growthful relationship. Some people are fine with this and find ways to be stimulated outside of the marriage—sexually, emotionally, or intellectually. It can work, if people are open and willing to communicate. But most often, the relationship ends, and the friendship is never the same.

Energetic Polaritybf3

The people we attract as mates often show up in contrast or polarity to us. This isn’t quite the same as “opposites attract,” but it’s a similar concept. For those of you who have a goal to grow in your relationships, this type of connection actually has better long-term odds. Though the connection might not be as effortless, there is less chance of codependency, energy matching, or boredom.

To Be or Not to Be

bf1Ultimately, a combination of free will and karmic contracts—like karma mates or soulmates—guides us to make our relationship choices, for better or for worse. If you are tempted to date your best friend, ask yourself why. Are you bored? Feel your clock ticking? Want to have an intimate experience?

Sometimes love does blossom between friends, and sometimes it works. But you can also love someone deeply, and they still might not be an appropriate partner.

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