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Do Not Sabotage Yourself

    Self-improvement is a goal that most us have. But the question is, are you doing things that could be sabotaging your self-improvement? Even if your life is going swimmingly, there is always room to focus on self-improvement. But this never more so the case than when your life has gotten out of control. Maybe you’re working long hours, and have lost your sense of self. Or you focus on everyone else, and never take time to be alone. Whatever the case may be, setting aside time to focus on your own goals and dreams is a mighty good idea.

This may be a tough pill to swallow if your feel like life should be complete after reaching a certain goal. Yes, it will feel good to land a new job, or graduate from college, or travel to Europe. But you can’t stop there. Self-improvement is a lifelong thing, so get used to the idea of changing and growing from here on out. To get started, follow some of the tips below to help making focusing on self-improvement your new daily thing.

If you’re not seeing the results you want in a reasonable amount of time, chances are you’re self-sabotaging. Your answers to the following questions will determine if your are hindering your self-improvement.

Do You Procrastinate?

Are you a fan of such phrases as “I’ll start tomorrow.” or “This week is kind of busy.”? If you are, you are definitely a procrastinator. There will never be a perfect time to start working on improving yourself, so the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

Do You Compare Yourself to Others?

If you compare yourself to everyone else, you are wasting your efforts. Your path, strengths and weaknesses are unique to you. Forget about what everyone else is doing and focus on making tomorrow’s version of you a little better than today’s.

Do You Turn People Away?

Your friends and family can offer you their support with their positive energy. Do you accept it or do you ignore it because you are so focused on yourself? If someone else has positive energy to share, take it!

Do You Wait for Good Things to Happen?

Good intentions are nothing without action. If you just sit and wait for self-improvement to happen, it won’t. You will have the best chance for success if you make an effort to improve yourself.

Do You See Your Failures as Lessons?

If you aren’t learning something from each of your failures, you aren’t working towards self-improvement. Those who succeed in life are the same people who fail the most. Not only do they fail, they also learn lessons from each of their failures. You could fail 100 times; it doesn’t matter because your successes will stand out in the end.

Do You Lash Out at Others When You’re Frustrated?

It may be tempting to blame others when you fail, but all you’re doing is putting out negative energy. If you put out bad energy, that’s exactly what you get in return. People want to be around positive people, so be kind to others around you. Kindness attracts people, which attract more connections and opportunities for self-improvement.

Do You Smile Regularly?

Smiling makes you more attractive, trustworthy and likable. That’s self-improvement!

Do You Let Love Pass You By?

When it comes to love, it’s better to be in the driver’s seat. If you wait for love to find you, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Why not go in search of love? Being a better flirt is a form of self-improvement.

Do You Spend Time With People You Don’t Like?

It’s good to be nice, but if you spend time with people you don’t actually like, you aren’t doing anyone any favors. Whether it’s a first date, a friend or a coworker, if you don’t like spending time with them, stop.

Do You Have Realistic Goals?

Make sure your goals are tangible before you attempt self-improvement. Include baby steps or mini goals that are doable and lead up to your ultimate goal. Self-improvement doesn’t happen overnight.

Do You Second-Guess Yourself?

Your first decision is often the best decision, so stop second-guessing yourself. Don’t continue to make self-doubt a challenge on your road to self-improvement.

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