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Do You Know Your Blood Type Personality?

images (2)What Blood type personality are you? In Japan, blood type is used to determine one’s personality and temperament. Like astrology, the scientific community often dismisses blood type as an indicator of personality, but that doesn’t stop its popularity in Japanese women’s magazines, where blood type horoscopes are published. In Japanese video games, blood type is commonly a dimension in character creation. In fact, some Japanese might even be shocked if a foreigner didn’t know her blood type.

It’s not unusual to find that blood types play a prominent role in Asian cultures when Facebook lists blood type right along with relationship status. Work assignments are meted out according to blood type despite its discriminatory implications. Anime and manga authors have been known to include blood types in the description of their characters, and even films have been made about this unique phenomenon, such as one entitled, “My Boyfriend is Type B.”

Let’s test the theory of blood types’ predictive qualities. Take the test below and see if you match the description of your blood type:

images (1)1. If someone were to describe me in a few words overall, they would say that I am:
A. reserved and responsible
B. passionate and creative
C. as cool as a cucumber
D. confident and determined

2. You can tell when I’m under pressure because I:
A. become tense
B. start acting erratically
C. become irritable
D. am unpredictable in my actions

3. In social situations and one-on-one conversations people find me:
A. uptight and uncomfortable
B. empathetic and a good listener
C. simply charming
D. arrogant and self-absorbed

4. It may not be the way I normally eat, but I tend to feel my best when I stick to a diet:
A. of mostly organic food
B. that has little or no meat
C. that includes a lot fresh fruits, vegetables and some dairyimages (3)
D. of mostly light protein such as fish and poultry

5. When I’m at my worst, I tend to be:
A. uptight and somewhat obsessive
B. forgetful and irresponsible
C. critical and unforgiving
D. arrogant and insensitive

6. When I’m at my best, I tend to be:
A. able to take charge of situations
B. optimistic and very creative
C. rational and pretty easy-going
D. passionate and expressive

1_1-17. Socially speaking, I tend to be:
A. an extrovert—I love getting out and meeting new people
B. an introvert—I’d rather stay home than go out
C. surrounded by friends, but also enjoy my time alone
D. generous with my time and money

How did you do? Check the key below to find out if your blood type matches your personality:
If you answered mostly A, your blood type is A.
If you answered mostly B, your blood type is B.
If you answered mostly C, your blood type is AB.
If you answered mostly D, your blood type is O.

Whether your results were spot on or have left you asking more questions about blood type personalities than you had before, this test was only a small sampling of the things you can learn about yourself and others. So what’s your type?

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