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How to Change Your Life In a Breeze

images (20)Do you ever feel that nothing seems to be going the way you wanted it? Or do you feel stuck in nowhere? Or your life is not as good as you’ve expected?

Although there is no miracle pill you can take to make it all better, there IS something you can do right now to begin to improve your life immediately. Take the time to pay attention to this simple, easy and free statement, you can change your life instantly. I will show you how.

I AM Statements

You can use I AM statements for fast results, especially if you use them twice daily—when  you wake up and right before you fall asleep. Saying “I AM _______________” (you fill in the blank) is a very powerful, life-altering statement that is similar to an affirmation. However, it’s more powerful than an affirmation because it activates the energy of your spiritual nature to transmute or change your circumstances in any area of your life. The true power of the I AM statement is in the fact that you can make up your own statement and apply it to any aspect of your life you wish to change instantly. Are you ready to change your life instantly?

images (19)The original I AM statements were written by Gary Ballard, early in the 20th century. On a trip to Mt. Shasta he believed he came upon St. Germain, an Ascended Master, while hiking a trail. The experience touched him profoundly. It changed his life instantly, and from it, the I AM statement was born.

Whether you believe the story or not, say these and feel the power behind them to change your life instantly:

When people are telling you how to behave or what to do:

“Mighty I AM Presence! Protect me from the human suggestions of the outer world!”

When you are around people who are challenging:

“I AM the Perfect Poise which controls everything in this situation!”

When you feel fear around a person’s words:

“Mighty I AM Presence! Put me in my own right harmonious place and sustain me there!”


woman-mirrorAccess Your Subconscious Mind

Make up your own I AM statement for any situation to change your life instantly. As you wake up each day and fall asleep each night, repeat them. These are two of the most powerful times to access your subconscious mind. Combining spirit with the subconscious creates fast change.

Senses and Emotions

Engage your senses and emotions when you repeat your I AM statements. In this moment, feel like you have the results you want. Changes happen quickly, and to a deep degree, in any situation. As you change yourself and the energy around you, you will affect positively the people and situations around you too. It results in what is called miracles!

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