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Is it Possible to Talk to the Dead?

Tools on How to Communicate to the Deaddeceased-loved-ones-in-dreams

People have been talking to the dead for thousands of years using a variety of different methods. Communicating with the dead doesn’t really require some psychic abilities. You can simply use tools, “yes” and “no” questions to get answers. Paranormal investigators use flashlights, digital recorders for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)and EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) meters, and in some cases something as simple as a stud detector.

Bear in mind that this is not a party trick; the atmosphere, and your attitude is a crucial part of the investigation. Paranormal investigation can be complex and this information is meant only for you to talk to your own resident spirit. Anything more requires classes, training or the help of professionals. Lights off with flashlights (and remember extra batteries for all electronics, as their energy can be “pulled” and used by the spirit). Make sure you are clear and safe walking in that area. Make yourself comfortable, it works best if you can spend some time there.

7e44b160-32c8-0133-5b2a-0aecee5a8273Flashlight: I use a flashlight with a button on the end that you push in to turn it off and on. To set it up, turn it on, and slowly unscrew the front section until the light just barely goes off. Set it down on a flat surface where it will not roll, but the back is accessible. Test by applying a very small amount of pressure to the on/off button on the end, which should allow the loose head to make contact and the light to come on. I sit a few feet away and tell the spirit out loud to how to operate the flashlight, and to use ONE flash for YES, and TWO flashes for NO, and now I ask my questions out loud.

Knock, Knock: The basic one knock for yes, two for no, can work quite well as long as you give the spirit directions, and examples of what you are looking for.

EVP: Digital recorders work best. Take your device into the space and turn it on and walk a few feet away from it. Now ask your questions out loud. Do not expect to hear the answers with your ears, as that is rare, but the recording is much more easily affected! Ask all your questions, then leave to check the recording. Be aware that the sounds can be frightening when played back and do not do it alone while in the area.

download (16)EMP: Electronic pulse meters are used in a couple of ways in paranormal investigation, the first is to rule out EMP that could be causing problems or false readings (faulty wiring, unshielded sources), however, I use mine to communicate. You can set it down away from everyone, and ask the spirit to approach the lights and “light them up,” again once for yes, and twice for no answers. You can even use a regular stud finder to do this as well!

Be clear, be safe, and honor what you are told. Let us know how it goes!

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