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Whenever there’s a breakup, there would always be pain. And it takes time for a wound to heal especially a wound in the heart and that is a broken heart.

BURN AND DUMP: On a piece of paper, write dmending_a_broken_heart_by_artboycatown everything that you

will not miss about your recent relationship. Be honest because the list is the place for all of the pain and memories you’ve felt.

On the other page, write down all the best dreams you had for the relationship. Write down even silly visions of what you want to experience and the more meaningful things too, like holding hands with the one you love through happily ever after.

Take both sheets of paper, a candle, and a bowl with a little water in the bottom outside. Tear a strip at a time from the pages, light each strip. As it burns say these words: “And this I now allow to go”, and carefully drop the strip into the water. Strip, by strip, burn both pages. When you are finished, dump the water under a bush or tree as an offering with these words: “To nourish you now, what I no longer need.”

SOAK AND LET GO: One way to get over a breakup is a nice, soak in the tub. Fill the bath tub with hot water and about a half cup of table salt. Using your favorite fragrance or candles would be better if you like. As you are relaxing into the tub, remind yourself that water absorbs. Observe as the hot, salty water absorbs the bad memories of the relationship.

Woman Resting in Bath ca. 2001

Lie back and cry or be angry or jealous or hopeless. Let whatever needs to come up. Allow the water to absorb all of those feelings, your hatred, your madness and your jealousy. Let the salty water draw it right out of your skin.

When you are finished, watch as the water get drained. Motion your hand toward it while saying these words: “And this too may now go.” Watch it all drain away and then pamper yourself with a scented lotion or a cup of something soothing.

CUT THOSE CORDS: Energy connects us like string; it makes attachment between us and another person. Dump a handful of table salt into the toilet bowl. Use an Arrow heletting-go1ad if you have one or a dull butter knife will do fine. Run the palm of your hand across your belly and grab at the hip as if you are holding a bundle of cords. Allegorically, cut those cords with your knife and drop them in the toilet. Do the same across your heart and the small of your back and anywhere else where it feels right. Cut those cords and when you are done, flush them away. And say “Goodbye” while watching them get flushed away.

Breaking up is indeed a real pain and it is a process that requires enough time in order to completely heal. Repeat these steps as often as needed to help your mind learn to grow beyond who you have been and on to the next journey of the heart.


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