Monday , July 9 2018
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Being Mindful of Other Peoples’ Feelings

Let’s face it- we can’t always prevent other peoples’ feelings from getting hurt. When it comes to relationships, though, ending it isn’t the only part of a relationship that can hurt. Throughout our time together we can be sarcastic, critical, and downright mean to our partners, even if we don’t …

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Finding Mr. Right, The Right Way

Finding Mr. Right is an effort many of us make. We want to find a life partner who we can love, trust, and move through life with. We can date around in an effort to find out who and what we like, but it often seems like these relationships are …

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True Love Exists

True love is an idea that follows us from childhood onward. We all are conditioned to believe that there is one person out there for each of us, and many of us spend our lives looking for that perfect someone. After a few heartbreaks and disappointment, you might find it …

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