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Should I Accept it and finally Move on?

Don’t give up in finding Your Soulmate!

finding Your SoulmateLove is a basic need that everybody wants and needs. But not just any love—people want an all-consuming, total love. THE love. The one that they were born to share with another being who totally matches them, not just physically but all the way down to the soul level. People want to meet their soulmate, their twin flame—the one that will bring them to the peak of love and contentment.

Those life lessons can be profound and even painful. But they are perfectly matched to what we need in the moment. And just because we are having a powerful, overwhelming learning experience with somebody and it seems like they are our soulmate, it isn’t always so. When that’s the case, it’s often best to let go—and Gina Rose can explain these issues to people with compassion, understanding and straightforward honesty. “I have had clients who were in major denial hang up on me when I broke the bad news,” she says. “But they call me back, sometimes even a year later, apologize, and tell me they wished they had listened to me because it would have saved them much heartache, and in some cases, a lot of money.”

But as anybody who has sincerely looked for their soulmate knows, that’s easier said than done. Perfection is hard to find in the world. In fact, what people often find are relationships that are meant to help them grow. They find what they need at that moment, but what you need in the moment may not necessarily be forever. You may, in fact, be with your soulmate for the moment—the person who needs to teach you a specific lesson right now.

finding Your Soulmate 3Much of the time when you collide with a person for an intense blowout of sexual and emotional energy (even if it seems like a once-in-a-lifetime deal) what you may actually be experiencing is past-life karma. In fact, people often come together to work out previous life karma. Their karma may be so deep that they even get married—just to resolve whatever was carried over from previous lifetimes. In such cases, it is imperative to look beyond the surface with a psychic reading.

So the question remains: Are you truly with your soulmate? When in doubt, call a psychic. Or simply check in with your intuition. People’s intuition about the person they’re with is almost always right—and if you have a nagging feeling that the one your with isn’t quite right, they probably aren’t.

If there truly is a soulmate for you out there, it’s important not to stay with somebody who isn’t right for you.

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