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Tips on How to Have a Safe & Healthy Online Dating

ONLINEDATEOnline Dating is very popular nowadays. Someone can find his soul mate online. While other people find online dating risky and scary. You can have fun, be serious and even find someone who will be with you for the rest of your life. But of course, there are always consequences and you need to be careful of the information that you divulge. Always, always protect your personal information and don’t share too much till you meet in person. Someone can seem ideal online, but until you meet them in person you just don’t really know how you feel. So here are my tips for the best and safest ways to begin dating someone you first meet online.

Here are some tips on how to have a safe & healthy online dating:

Start Fresh

Create a new email address to use for Internet dating only. Don’t include your legal name in it or any other online handles you’ve ever used. People Google EVERYTHING, and you don’t want someone discovering your identity through an online search. With just your legal name most people can easily find your address and the names of relatives. Make your dating profile name unique too. Keep strangers out of your personal life until you’re ready to let them in.

Pick the Right Site for You

images (4)Pick your Internet dating site carefully. It’s best to go mainstream when you start. The bigger sites have more people and visibility. I suggest you start with OkCupid.com. Many of my friends have found their life partners through that site. It’s even worth it just to renew your mojo. Match.com and eHarmony are good choices too, but they each require larger financial investments. Know that the chances are very high that someone you know socially or from work will see you on one of these sites. Almost every single person around you participates in online dating.

Take Brand New Photos

Have a friend come over when you create your profile. You want their help and opinions! Have them take photos of you. You want diverse, NEW photos. If you only have selfies, people get suspicious. You’ll also want at least one full body shot. Let people see if you’re curvy or slim or athletic. People want to know your body type. It’s part of the wonderful package that is you! Feature your best asset. If you’ve got great boobs, take a photo wearing a v-neck. Got booty? Find a reason to pose and stick it out!

Minimize Detailed Answers

When it comes to answering profile questions, be unique and brief. Don’t give too much away. Leave some mystery. More than three sentences is generally more than most want to read. Also, when the profile asks for music, books, movies… don’t use this as a time to show off. You want to find people with mutual interests, but if your list turns into a big keyword search, it just looks bulky and takes the focus away from you.

Continue to Keep it Private

Do not copy your own writing from any other Internet dating sites and paste it into your dating profile. Someone could discover your identity by pasting a simple sentence into Google and finding it elsewhere with your name attached. Don’t use your Facebook or old Myspace bios or photos. If and when you meet someone and agree to email off the dating site, only email them with your completely new email address. Your existing email addresses could lead to search results with private information you don’t want out there. Don’t share your phone number with anyone you haven’t met in person either. Keep all communication within the dating site till you feel comfortable.

Fresh Meat! Get From the Screen to the Scene

first-dateYou’ll get the most action when you first open your account. Don’t activate a new Internet dating account when you’re super busy, as you won’t be able to keep up with the messages you receive. You also want to be sure you don’t have too much free time. Establish boundaries for yourself. And as with all dating, supply and demand matters. If you’re too available, interest may wain. Make the first meeting relaxed and not too involved. I suggest a regular week night and not a weekend meet up. Chat just enough online to figure out if you want to meet them. Also, be open-minded! Some of the closest couples I know didn’t feel immediate chemistry on their first date. You need to give this process some time.

And you need to know that sometimes people disappear. They could be the ones with whom you feel the strongest connection. Try not to get too hooked on a new person too soon. Chances are if you met them online, they’re meeting many others at the same time. Move along if they don’t bring it!

Have Psychic Readings About Your Dates!

Now that you’re in the zone of meeting new people, you will have questions. It’s hard to know how to read them and what to expect. So call a psychic and find out what your future could look like with each person. There can be so many options! Why not get some advance notice and make the whole experience more fun while you’re at it. Try getting the sun signs of potential love interests and share those with one of our astrologers. They can look into compatibility concerns and potential conflicts.

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