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Do You Want To Remember Your Past Life?

     I will give you an idea for you to try when you want to learn your past lives. When you meditate, you need to make sure that you know you’re going back into the past life, and I want to share with you the way in which I do it in all of my group sessions. I call it the “Mists of Time.”

Start out by getting into your meditation as you normally would, and go as deep as you normally go. Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t have to go very deep to have a great regression, and a light meditative state is sufficient to allow the journey to happen.

See yourself in a small boat, and see or feel it float downstream. Up ahead, see a beautiful blue mist, and the boat heading toward this mist. This is the mist of time. You will pass into this mist, and when you emerge at the other side, you will be in the past life that you need. You can purposely go back to a particular time to explore, or allow your guides to choose one for you. Either way, it’s about exploring.

When you reach this past life, step out of the boat and notice the following things:

– Look around and make a mental note of what you see

– Look at yourself, starting with your feet, clothes, hair, jewelry

– Look for clues as to the time and date

– Are you male or female?

– See the dwelling where you live and explore it

– See if you can recognize any people

The important thing is to not question anything that you get, because this will short-circuit the moment. You will have plenty of time to question your results when you are done. Always keep a journal handy so that you can look back over your notes. You will see patterns emerging that will enable you to get clear about how you can apply what you have learned from the past life in your current life.

When you are ready to return, get back into the boat and allow it to come back the way it came. This is a simplified version of the process of regression.

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