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What is the Right Timing to be with Your Optimum Mate?

images (7)Timing is very  important in a relationship. There are people who looks after the intensity of the emotional connection between two potential lovers. A lot of theories have solid protocols about what a man is supposed to do if he really cares and if he becomes inconsistent, he just doesn’t care about you! Just think of that lovely, destructive movie, He’s Just Not That Into You!Before you go making your romantic decisions on this silly movie, keep in mind it’s based on a Comedian’s book! Would you really take relationship advice from a Comedian?

Some relationship experts have concluded that if there is anything unusual, anything amiss, like both of you currently being in relationships, married, live on opposite sides of the country, have seriously conflicting schedules or other issues, you cannot be “Soul Mates” (Optimum Mates). They erroneously conclude that if the “timing” of the relationship seems to be off, then it “wasn’t meant to be;” or at least that is the frequent rational.

None of these “experts” factor in the realities of pre-mortal planning, reincarnation, or Optimum Mates.

images (8)You must understand that while we live in the 21st Century and great advancements have been made in regards to other areas of psychology, our understanding of the intuition and it’s function, is still rudimentary. We, as a modern civilization, have lost the knowledge that the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece held sacred.

Your intuition is always operating for your best interests! Indeed, your intuition is a direction function of your soul consciousness. It is your best friend! It can never, under any circumstances, be corrupted to work against you! It is an absolutely infallible guide!

Keeping this principle in mind, I will say that your intuition will introduce you to your Optimum Mate as soon as it is able! As soon as you are the least bit open to the impulses from your soul, it will immediately try to get you on your Optimum Trajectory or Path in life. This includes connecting you to your Optimum Mate!

So what happens if you’ve ignored or suppressed your intuition your whole life or only become aware of psychic abilities in the past few years? What then? You’ve spent your whole life making decisions based on your analytical thinking or emotions. You are not very likely to be on your Optimum Path or be with your Optimum Mate. Chances are pretty good you will far off course. By the time you come to a good psychic, you’re probably asking what you did to deserve this? Why is it so hard for you to be happy or what negative karma you’re working off?

married-at-first-sight-hp-hero-BThe truth is, you’re not really working off negative karma, unless we consider negative karma not listening to your intuition earlier in life! By the time you are in your 30s or 40s, using only your intellect or emotions to make decisions, you’re probably going to have a plethora of mistakes to correct! You might be in the wrong career, living in the wrong area, or worse yet, be married to the wrong person! Risk and change of any kind is scary.

Just keep in mind that this does not make the “timing” of finding your Optimum Mate wrong! Your intuition introduced you to your Optimum Mate as soon as you were capable of listening! Don’t look at this as torture, even though it may feel like it.Consider yourself blessed! Many people have no Optimum Mate.

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